A message from Paul Jarvis – 5 April 2021

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I have some great news to share: Chimp Essentials has been sold to MailNinja (an awesome email marketing agency and Mailchimp PRO partner).

This ownership change is excellent, cos it means the course will live on and evolve, and the lessons will continue to be updated as Mailchimp changes (which happens often). I’ve personally not had time to keep up with the course as much as I would have liked (as my work focus is now on Fathom Analytics).

MailNinja is a perfect fit to take over the Chimp Essentials course because they live and breathe all things Mailchimp and email marketing. They’ve been around since 2005 and work with some of the biggest and best brands in the world. They’re also Mailchimp’s #1 service partner (with all the fancy certifications too).

If you’re a Chimp Essentials student, nothing changes. You still get lifetime access, you don’t have to pay again, and you still get updated lessons as they become available.

If you’re not a student yet, why not? The course is great value and will help you go from “Mailchump to Mailchamp”, as I like to say!

I’m honestly quite excited that Chimp Essentials will live on and be thoroughly cared for into the future. I have complete faith in Doug and the MailNinja team to take Chimp Essentials to infinity and beyond.

Paul Jarvis

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