Track email marketing campaign revenue

Monitoring email marketing success and ROI (return on investment) is super important for justifying the effort and cost associated with email marketing. Email compared to some other forms of marketing is cost-effective, and the best part is, you have a complete view of all of the data, from subscribers to revenue to spend, and with all of this data you can really dive deep and have some fun (right, data geeks?).

To do this you’ll want to track the revenue made from your email campaigns. There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Integrate your store or CMS to Mailchimp using an API key
  2. Connect Mailchimp and Google Analytics together to attribute revenue

The second option is considerably easier, and you can set this up in seconds. If you already use Google Analytics it’s a quick and simple solution.

However, the first option is a better long strategy, as you will also be bringing your revenue data into Mailchimp itself, allowing you to create more targeted ecommerce segments for your campaigns and automations.