Set your own email marketing benchmarks

Try not to pay much attention to industry benchmarks, every brand (including yours) is unique. You could try to emulate another brand by doing exactly what they do, and there are tools to help you monitor these email programs, namely Mailcharts, but we recommend a different tact – instead focus more on your own average rates, and incrementally look to improve these over time.

Look at the metrics that matter most to your business, and monitor these. Some benchmarks you may wish to track are as follows:

Campaigns, by audience segment

  • Average open rates
  • Average click rates
  • Click to open rate
  • Revenue per campaign

Subscribers, by audience segment

  • Subscriber engagement
  • Subscriber acquisition
  • Subscriber retention
  • Average revenue per subscriber

Try to focus on a single metric to determine the success of your email marketing. What’s your north star metric, or 1MTM (one metric to measure). There are so many metrics you can track, but the key here is to look at your own business and what makes sense for you.