Save money with Mailchimp

Yep, that old ‘save on your Mailchimp bills’ post.

This isn’t news, but it’s worth reminding you of this hack anyway.

So, let me start by saying. If someone hasn’t opened or clicked in your emails in the past 3 months, they probably don’t care. So let’s archive them so you aren’t charged for hosting them in your Mailchimp account.

The first thing to do is to find the people who aren’t opening your emails. To do this, we use segmentation.

Let’s head over to Mailchimp and click on audiences, then select the right audience.

Now click to create a new segment. This may look slightly different depending on your plan type.

Now apply the following conditions to your segment.

This means we are looking at all people who haven’t opened or clicked in all emails in the last 3 months, but didn’t join your list within that time, as you don’t want to punish newbies who haven’t had the chance to show you some love yet. What this means, is that if you send a weekly email, you’re basically grouping together people who haven’t opened or clicked in the last 12 emails!

Warning – we’re assuming you are sending regularly to this audience. If you aren’t then approach this hack with caution.

Now, click on save segment and give it a name. Here’s we’re gonna call it ‘Inactive’

So, you should have a bunch of people here that haven’t opened your email in 3 months, let’s archive them!

With all selected, the nav bar goes a funny turquoise color.

Click on actions, then archive, then hit confirm.


This is good practice, and you should get into the habit of applying this hack every few months, just to keep your numbers down.