QuHarrison amassed a 4,578 subscriber list in 3 months

QuHarrison likes to do things right the first time. So when he had an idea to start a newsletter, he wanted to make sure his list was setup correctly to ensure maximum delivery and engagement.

Although he’s a total pro at social media (he even owns an agency that specializes in social media promotion), he quickly realized the benefit of building an audience on a platform that he could *own*.

While social media is great for connecting, you can’t simply export your “liker”s or followers and move to another platform. Whereas with email, once someone is a subscriber, you can easily export them to create new lists, add them to segments or groups or even jump ship on your ESP (email service provider) and move elsewhere.

(Editors note: Why would you want to move away from Mailchimp though? When it’s setup correctly, it does everything you need and more.)

Qu quickly learned how to setup DKIM records to authenticate his email domain, so his newsletter would have a better chance of being delivered. And when I say quickly, I mean it, he blazed through the Mailchimp lessons in a few days, and then circled back to implement all the pieces he needed as he needed them.

His newsletter, Quick Theories, grew from nothing to 4,578 subscribers in only a few months. Now he emails them weekly inspiration in a short, digestible format, which then directs to longer articles on his website.

“In my mind there are very few people that know-how to build a personal brand better than Paul Jarvis. So when he created a MailChimp course, I jumped at the chance to learn from the best”

His mailing list is now a primary marketing channel – which is saying a lot, since he’s a brilliant marketer. And Qu’s only a few months in — can you imagine how much growth he’ll see in a year or two?

QuHarrison grew his email list with Chimp Essentials, the Mailchimp course by Paul Jarvis.

“Chimp Essentials is a prime example of investing in yourself,” says Qu. He feels this self-investment is the most important thing a creative can do to achieve long-term success.

  • Grew a list from 0 to 4,578 in 3 months
  • Has an open rate of 38% (double the industry average)