New logo, new everything

Welcome to the brand new Chimp Essentials.

There’s loadsa new stuff going here, so let’s break it down.


First up: new logo

Although our brand colours, font and the overall aesthetic is the same, we have a fancy new logo to show you.

Mailchimp experts logo

Mailchimp experts brand logos

Being big fans of 80s computer games like Super Mario Bros and Pacman, we decided to give our brand a retro feel. We were certain we didn’t want to be stuffy or boring, and we also wanted to doff our caps to Frederick von Chimpenheimer IV (Freddie for short). Freddie is Mailchimp’s mascot, and out of love and respect we wanted to create our own Freddie, but with a twist.

We hope you like it!


What’s cooking, chimps?

So, what else is going on at CEHQ, let’s run through some of the exciting new things going on…



We’re proud to announce the launch of our brand new Mailchimp service Chimpgigs. Chimpgigs is a one-stop-shop for all of your ongoing Mailchimp needs, giving you on-demand access to the world’s #1 Mailchimp experts!

We can help you with…

✓  Training sessions
✓  Audience work
✓  Automation setup
✓  Graphic design
✓  Any other tasks!

Learn more about Chimpgigs here



Mailchimp’s Premium plan costs FROM $299 per month, but Chimpmetrics costs just $7 per month. Chimpmetrics is a new tool, designed to give you premium reporting, on a budget. With Chimpmetrics you’ll be able to compare campaigns performance and subscriber growth, by segment. Sounds great huh?

We launch Chimpmetrics in Jan 22, but you can learn more about it here


Mailchimp Lessons

Most of you are familiar with Chimp Essentials, the course that gave us our name. BUT, you may not know that we are working on a BRAND NEW series of lessons, each lesson is broken down by a section within Mailchimp (audiences, automations, campaigns, etc). This isn’t an upgrade to the existing Chimp Essentials course, it’s ALL NEW. We took a poll and asked our Chimp Essentials students what they mainly use Mailchimp for and want they want to learn about, and we’ve taken that feedback to help shape these new lessons. Fear not, if you already purchased Chimp Essentials, then you will get a very generous discount on these lessons!

These lessons will be part of The Email Academy, and launches in Q1 22.



Some of you will have joined this list originally via MailNinja. So to avoid any confusion, let me explain what’s going on. Mid-covid, MailNinja acquired Chimp Essentials from Paul Jarvis, a well-known brand with over 7k active students all over the world. This also gave us a real opportunity to create a truly international ‘Mailchimp only’ brand, leaving MailNinja to focus on something else. We’re hard at work on that ‘something’ but cannot say what that is just yet. All will become clear as 2022 moves into the 3rd quarter, but for now, bask in the glory of Chimp Essentials and all of its services, products and content.


More news soon…