Michael O’Brien sent one email blast that paid for the course six times over

Michael O’Brien is on a mission. His web design and development agency, MKOB Design, supports health entrepreneurs, yoga teachers, acupuncturists, and anyone “trying to make the world a little better.” Behind the screen, Michael works hard to make his clients’ businesses more efficient – and more successful. His motto? Help people to help more people.

Michael is a creative, tech-savvy guy – but he still felt intimidated by MailChimp’s segmentation and automation features. He had placed newsletter signup forms on client websites and used basic mail functions, but he knew there was much, much more to learn. It was time to get serious and tackle The Chimp.

After finishing the first MailChimp tutorial lesson, Michael quickly realized that his fears were unfounded. This was do-able – and Paul was there to (metaphorically) hold his hand, right down to copy-and-paste instructions. In just an hour-and-a-half, Michael created a client intake funnel that included an initial email, portfolio preview, questionnaire, and a link to schedule a Skype call. After onboarding just two clients, this newly-automated process had saved as much time as he spent creating it.

“If you’re a reasonable person who expects to work at this a little, you’ll have the easiest time learning this with Chimp Essentials”

Next up, Michael created an audience segmentation and triggered-email sequence for one of his favorite health and wellness clients. When someone subscribes to the company newsletter, MailChimp automatically determines the “type” of blog content on that signup page and sends out an email series featuring similar information. It’s simple, but super effective. In fact, the first segmented email blast generated enough sales to pay back Michael’s Chimp Essentials investment six times over.

His client was impressed, and asked to increase his hours. “Taking it slow and actually seeing that success was the bomb,” says Michael, “and hearing ‘we want to pay you more, Mike’ was the best thing ever.” Creating automated content upgrades that can improve someone’s health and quality of life feels equally meaningful: “That’s really big for my brand and my heart.”

Michael made money with less work by setting up MailChimp automations during Chimp Essentials, the MailChimp Training by Paul Jarvis.

Armed with quantifiable results and a proven track record, he’s now pitching automated content sequences to new clients, “and I’m feeling super confident while doing it.” He’s learned how merge fields can enable subscribers to receive more customizable content, and his clients are seeing deeper audience engagement with the new features he’s incorporating into their lists. Demand is also growing, to the point where Michael may need to hire an employee or sub-contractor. That’s a good problem to have.

His only other issue? He’s been too busy to finish the course. But he’ll get there – and for everyone who shudders at the mere sound of words like segmentation, automation and verification, he suggests a little email courage. Dive in and surprise yourself with what’s possible. “If you’re a reasonable person who expects to work at this a little, you’ll have the easiest time learning this with Chimp Essentials,” says Michael. “Stop thinking about it. Do you want to automate emails?” “Do you want to decrease your workload or not?”

+ Grew his income by 60% – without even finishing the course

+ Automated an onboarding process in 1.5 hours

+ Sent one email blast that paid for the course six times over

+ Enhanced his confidence and comfort with email marketing


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