Mailchimp resubscribe hack

List churn happens.

People get bored, they lose interest, or simply just aren’t interested in your services or marketing stuff anymore. So, they click to unsubscribe. Nothing you can do at that point, right? WRONG.

So, here’s a quick hack, designed to give you the chance to encourage your subscriber to change their mind. Doesn’t always work, but worth a shot.

First up, create a new form for your resubscribes. We use Gravity forms, as you can connect up Mailchimp and pass form submission data into your Mailchimp audience really easily.

Make sure you add a new tag, so when people get added to your Mailchimp audience, they are identified. We’ve named our ‘resubscribe’

Now create an unsubscribe page on your website with an appealing resubscribe offer, such as a PDF, ebook, coupon, something valuable.

Second step, head over to Mailchimp > signup forms > forum builder > unsubscribe success page and paste a link to your new page

Finally, set up a customer journey or classic automation, so that when someone enters your list, you auto-send the PDF, ebook or coupon – plus, you can also trigger further emails to reengage with them, selling the perks and benefits of what you have to offer

Simple. Good luck!