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Our affordable and highly effective email
marketing packages are designed for companies of all shapes and sizes.

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We’ll design and send your email campaigns for you — a fully outsourced solution.

We’ve worked hard to make sure our email marketing service is effective, both on cost and impact. When you partner up with Chimp Essentials, you’ll get the strategy, service and system to guide you to email campaign success.

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Email marketing agency | email marketing services | mailninja

Sign up and build your monthly plan

Sign up to your email marketing plan via our Campaign Hub, our custom-built software for all things email Plan your upcoming marketing events and email campaigns with your new content calendar, plus you can manage your orders and billing info, all in an easy-to-use, secure dashboard.

Email marketing agency | email marketing services | mailninja

Meet your dedicated success manager

From day one, you’ll get a dedicated success manager who’ll work with you to define your goals and create a tailored plan. We’ll analyse your goals, your business, your audience and your industry to create a monthly content calendar.

dedicated strategy success manager
email campaign and newsletter management services
Email marketing agency | email marketing services | mailninja

We’ll suggest some ideas for your upcoming campaigns

Your success manager will map out some suggested topics for your upcoming email campaigns, you get to approve or reject the topics before we start work. You can also add your own in your new easy-to-use content calendar.

Email marketing agency | email marketing services | mailninja

Our creative team will write, design and build your emails for you

We write all of the copy, design all of the graphics and build your emails – fully mobile responsive and bulletproof.

Email campaign design and build services
email design previewer design service
Email marketing agency | email marketing services | mailninja

You get to review, comment and approve your emails

When your email campaign has been designed and built, you get to preview and approve your email, share it with your team and request changes.

Email marketing agency | email marketing services | mailninja

Once approved, we’ll schedule your emails for you

We’ll choose the optimum time to send your email campaign, then set it up in your email provider account, creating dynamic segments to target specific subscriber groups. Job done.

The mentoring program

Are you ready to transform your email marketing?

Got questions?

Our email campaign management service is designed to help you send better emails. Here are some frequently asked questions:

Why do people hire you to manage their email newsletter?

Great question. People hire us because they are too busy or don’t have the resource in-house. Our Mailchimp email marketing agency is designed to give busy marketing folk a fully outsource email service, allowing them to step back and relax. Our email design agency is here to make your life easier!

What types of email campaigns and newsletters can you manage for me?

We can send any types of email marketing campaigns and regular newsletters we can completely manage for you. The emphasis being on email marketing, as we don’t work with email as a sales channel. There are lots of different emails we could send for you, depending on your business strategy and goals, but our success team will assign a dedicated success manager to you to discuss these with you in detail.

Does your email agency you do lead gen and sales outreach campaigns?

We get a lot of inquiries about lead gen and sales outreach, but we are an email marketing service company, not a sales or lead gen company. Our managed service is 100% email MARKETING.

Can you help me buy or scrape data for my email campaigns?

No, sorry. We do cannot help you buy or scrape data for your email campaigns. This is something we do not endorse or can help you acquire. If you take it upon yourself to scrape data yourself, we can still help you with the design and send of your email marketing, we just cannot be held responsible for the results or negative impacts.

We'd like to hire Chimp Essentials to manage our email newsletter, how do we start?

Great, book a call to chat with our team, and a success manager will be in touch to craft a plan around your needs.

Do you have any email newsletter and campaign examples?

Sure, you can view loads of our recent work and liked work on Really Good Emails here

Is your email campaign and newsletter service GDPR compliant?

Yep. We comply with the GDPR and data protection acts, and we do not endorse spam or data scraping.

What do your email newsletter management services entail?

We will fully manage your day to day email marketing for you. Our email marketing agency was born to help you send better email marketing campaigns and get better results.

How much does email campaign / newsletter management cost?

Our email marketing agency services costs from £250 per email campaign. You can request a custom quote.