How to test your email campaigns in Mailchimp

Sending an email campaign to thousands of people is a daunting task, even for us who send LOADS of emails every day. The best way to avoid ‘sender anxiety’ is to TEST TEST TEST.

Mailchimp gives you a couple of ways to test your email…

  1. The first one is preview mode. This is a super quick and easy way to check how your email looks in desktop and mobile views. A quick hack is to toggle ‘enable live merge tag info’, as this will show you how your personalised content shows up in your emails and on your subject lines
  2. The other option is to send a test email to yourself or to someone in your team. This is a smart move, cos you can see how the email looks on your desktop and mobile email clients, to be sure it’s rendering perfectly and doesn’t have typos
  3. The 3rd is slightly more costly, but if you are a super slick professional emailer, then it’s important to use a tool like Litmus or Email on Acid to test your email across multiple devices sizes and email clients