How to stop email list unsubscribes

No one wants an unsubscribe, do they? A smart way to avoid an unsubscribe is to start by offering a change of preferences instead. This allows people to opt-in and out of ‘groups’ based on what they want to hear about. Groups are a simple way to allow your subscribers to select their own rules, and help you sidestep the binary, black and white rule of ‘in or out’.

Another great hack is to send people to a custom page on your website when they hit unsubscribe. You can use this page as a hook to entice them back into your list by offering a free resource or coupon. To do so, head over to your audience, click on Signup forms, then Form builder, finally select ‘Unsubscribe success page’ from the drop-down menu and paste your link into the text field titled ‘Instead of showing this unsubscribe success page, send subscribers to another URL’.