How to build your Mailchimp audience

So, one of the main things people want to know is – how do I get more subscribers. Some people resort to buying, worse still scraping, data. I get it, it can be hard. There’s so much noise out there online, trying to put your hand up and be like ‘hey, subscribe’ can be challenging. BUT, it pays off.

I’m not going to go too deep into why building an email list is important, I figure you know this already, but I will say this, briefly: let’s look at your return if you spent hours on Twitter building a following, or spent the same time building a subscriber list. Sure, it could be easier to build a following, these people are already out there and just happen to see your tweet, so follow it through and start following you. Lovely. BUT, what if Twitter (for some magical reason) decide to suspend your account. It happened to us a few months back, and all Twitter came back to say was… Oh sorry our bad, that was a mistake. So, all that effort spent building that following was gone in an instant. Building a subscriber list mean you OWN your audience, and are simply borrowing Mailchimp to host them for you.

Sold now? Good, let’s move on.

The single best way to drive subscribers is to incentivise them. Every article I’ve read about list building usually comes back to the same nugget of advice… offer something in return. A coupon for a discount works, a free resource like a PDF or an ebook also works. If you don’t, then you are begging for a subscribe without offering anything in return, and in a world of privacy and data protection, people are aware of their rights, and they want something in return.

In Mailchimp, what you’re gonna want to do is create a signup or popup form to capture your leads, and a customer journey to send them the coupon or resource once they sign up. This is fairly simple to do, but can be a bit of a faff, depending on how fancy you want the form to look, but once set up and running, it will mean you could be attracting a bunch of new subscribers each day to top up your audience.

To make it easy on yourself, you could simply set up a landing page in Mailchimp, and just share that. I personally prefer to embed a form onto my own website, so we get all the traffic to our own website. Of course, you could connect your domain to Mailchimp, depending on your plan level, but for a completely seamless experience I recommend having everything on your own website.