Chimp Essentials is the most complete Mailchimp training course out there, with almost 7,000 students and straight-forward video lessons on every major feature. Chimp Essentials is entirely online, and taught through self-paced videos. Even though this masterclass only opens twice a year, paid students have access to the materials all year.

There are lessons for the different Mailchimp plans (from Free to Standard, but not Premium which comes with phone support from Mailchimp), so if you ever upgrade or change plans, you’ll be covered.

Join 7,000+ students, and get instant and forever access to all of the lessons.

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Here is the complete lesson list:


  • Welcome to Chimp Essentials
  • Terminology primer
  • Account types
  • Legal compliance
  • GDPR
  • Authenticating a custom domain
  • Account housekeeping
  • Opt-in settings


  • Audiences
  • Keep, archive, or delete?
  • Customizing the sign-up process
  • Importing contacts and combining audiences
  • Tags, groups, segments, and merge tags explained
  • Creating and using tags
  • Creating and using groups
  • Creating and using segments
  • Creating and using merge tags
  • Mailchimp surveys

Website and brand

  • HTML forms for any website
  • Creating and using landing pages
  • Creating and using pop-ups
  • Navigating the content studio
  • Building mobile-friendly templates


  • Creating and sending campaigns
  • Campaign archives
  • Simple surveys and polls
  • Conditional merge tag blocks
  • Understanding automations
  • Single-Step automations
  • Multi-step automations
  • Sending postcards
  • Social media posts
  • Creating digital ads

Insights and strategies

  • Understanding reports
  • A/B testing primer
  • A/B tests example
  • Proper onboarding techniques
  • Inactive contact re-engagement
  • Proper unsubscription process
  • Fixing abuse complaint warnings
  • Removing without unsubscribing

Examples and integrations

  • WordPress plugin integration
  • WOO integration
  • Squarespace integration
  • Podcast RSS automation
  • Using Zapier with Mailchimp
  • Pushing Typeform data back to Mailchimp
  • Running multiple content upgrades or freebies
  • How I use Mailchimp to run Chimp Essentials

Join 7,000+ students, and get instant and forever access to all of the lessons.

Buy now, $269