Chimp Essentials curriculum

Chimp Essentials is the most complete Mailchimp training course out there, with almost 7,000 students and straight-forward video lessons on every major feature. Chimp Essentials is entirely online, and taught through self-paced videos.

Here is the complete lesson list:


  • Welcome to Chimp Essentials
  • Terminology primer
  • Account types
  • Legal compliance
  • GDPR
  • Authenticating a custom domain
  • Account housekeeping
  • Opt-in settings


  • Audiences
  • Keep, archive, or delete?
  • Customizing the sign-up process
  • Importing contacts and combining audiences
  • Tags, groups, segments, and merge tags explained
  • Creating and using tags
  • Creating and using groups
  • Creating and using segments
  • Creating and using merge tags
  • Mailchimp surveys

Website and brand

  • HTML forms for any website
  • Creating and using landing pages
  • Creating and using pop-ups
  • Navigating the content studio
  • Building mobile-friendly templates


  • Creating and sending campaigns
  • Campaign archives
  • Simple surveys and polls
  • Conditional merge tag blocks
  • Understanding automations
  • Single-Step automations
  • Multi-step automations
  • Sending postcards
  • Social media posts
  • Creating digital ads

Insights and strategies

  • Understanding reports
  • A/B testing primer
  • A/B tests example
  • Proper onboarding techniques
  • Inactive contact re-engagement
  • Proper unsubscription process
  • Fixing abuse complaint warnings
  • Removing without unsubscribing

Examples and integrations

  • WordPress plugin integration
  • WOO integration
  • Squarespace integration
  • Podcast RSS automation
  • Using Zapier with Mailchimp
  • Pushing Typeform data back to Mailchimp
  • Running multiple content upgrades or freebies
  • How I use Mailchimp to run Chimp Essentials

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