Compare Mailchimp campaigns by audience segment

This hack comes courtesy of Chimpmetrics, our super awesome reporting tool. Chimpmetrics is designed to give you some important metrics on your campaigns and subscribers, without overwhelming you with too much. Mailchimp Premium costs anywhere from $299 per month for comparative reporting and advanced segmentation, which you could argue is worth the cost, but Chimpmetrics will only set you back $7 per month (yes, you heard that right), and gives you more insights in a simple and digestible way. Here’s what you can do with Chimpmetrics:

Compare campaign results by audience segment

Learn what segments in your audience are most engaged with your campaigns, by breaking down your opens, clicks (and more) by segment. Simply select the audience, select the segments, select the campaigns, then generate your report.

Track subscriber growth by audience segment

On the same page as your campaign results, you can view subscribes and unsubscribe by these segments, allowing you to see which segments are growing and which are shrinking.

Check out Chimpmetrics here