Chimp Essentials code of conduct

Participation in the Community is encouraged (our group is better off with your ideas, suggestions and input).

Note: Please use threads to reply to folks, to keep the main channel organized. To reply as a thread, mouse over what you want to reply to and click “A thread”. If there is already a thread present, click on the replies to add your own.

The rules are simple:

  1. Treat people the way you’d like to be treated, regardless of their differences
  2. Don’t quote anyone outside of this group without asking (i.e. don’t post things on social media from here)
  3. Don’t post anything in public channels that someone told you in confidence or in private messages
  4. Don’t pitch or promote your business to others, unless specifically asked about it
  5. Be yourself, unless you’re a supervillain hell-bent on destroying the universe. Actually, even then, just be you
  6. If you believe someone is breaking the rules, don’t engage with them, contact me instead

I reserve the right to remove you from the Community if the rules are broken.

This group is better off when:

  • You improve the discussion with bold and generous contributions to it
  • If you disagree about something, be critical of the idea, not of the person giving it
  • As mentioned above, this group is better off with your two cents (accounting for current exchange rates)
  • Be civil and don’t post anything a reasonable person would be offended by

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