From chimp zero to chimp hero!

The most complete and comprehensive Mailchimp training program on the planet!  

mailchimp training course

What is Mailchimp Mentoring? 

Think of this as your one stop club to help you become a master of Mailchimp email marketing! 

Over $1000 worth or email marketing perks
Priority support and 1 on 1 consultations
Access to our legendary courses (new & old)
Discounted services
Regular account auditing

By becoming a member you will have access to all the tools and human interaction you need to make Mailchimp work for you! 

Included: Our Legendary Mailchimp Courses

Mailchimp For Newbies

Our legendary and best selling Mailchimp foundations course. Now with over 7000 students to date!

$150  Included

Audiences: a deep dive

Our advanced course on audience / list management. A well managed audience is key to an effective marketing plan!

$150  Included

Customer Journeys: a deep dive

A deep dive into Mailchimps most powerful tool! Learn how to effectively build a personalized experience!

$150  Included

mailchimp mentor mark

Dedicated Mentor

Exclusive access to a Mailchimp Pro Partner, offering priority contact to address any issues and optimize configurations.

$175 per hour Included

1on1 Training

Custom 1 on 1 training / consultation with a Mailchimp Pro Partner. Please note this is limited to discounted sessions.

50% Discount

mailchimp audit mentor program

On Demand Audits

We will thoroughly review your account and provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of areas that require improvement.

$299  Included

Get your exclusive member Superhack guide

Boost your email marketing with our exclusive Mailchimp superhack ebook at Chimp Essentials. Unlock the full potential of this powerful platform with our winning tips, tricks and hacks. Optimize your email campaigns, boost engagement, and drive conversions.

$50 Included 


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