A conversation with QuHarrison Terry about building a brand through his newsletter and the amazing story of getting hired by Mark Cuban after putting his resume on a billboard above a Banksy

QuHarrison has been a student of Chimp Essentials for several years. In another article he talks about how he grew his list by 4,578 subscribers in 3 months using the lessons from the course.

Below is a video interview with him and I (Paul Jarvis) talking about newsletters and his amazing story that lead him to being hired by Mark Cuban (owner of the Dallas Mavericks, entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor).

After the video was posted, he used his mailing list to generate the initial push of interest that led it to go viral on LinkedIn and be cross promoted across all other social channels. And, the big names who were on his list, saw the video in his email campaign, and reached out to hire him—like Andrew Chen (Reforge), Amazon, and Persol.

Here are a few lessons we can take from QuHarrison’s amazing journey:

  • From the start, it was important we build our lists and sequences properly
  • Personal brands are a lot of work creating and maintaining–but are extremely valuable when we’ve created a unique brand
  • Our mailing lists can be that initial push required to get our content and ideas seen and shared by lots of people
  • Once we master the essentials of email and marketing, we can use that knowledge to do amazing things

PS: If you want to see QuHarrison’s billboard, here’s his blog post about it.