There is no Chimp Essentials affiliate program (any more)

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Cutting to the chase, the affiliate program for Chimp Essentials is now closed. That means, you’ll no longer be able to log into the affiliate dashboard and there will be no further payouts.

If you want to understand why I’m closing this affiliate program (and all affiliate programs for all my courses), here are the main reasons:

  1. I made a mistake with structuring everyone’s cut. 50% of gross is too much to give away, when I have to factor how much time it takes for me to create and maintain courses, what the expenses are and how much time I spend with students post-purchase (via email and in the Slack groups). I just can’t make the margins work for my business, a business I’ve run for 20 years, and one I want to run for 20 more.
  2. The conversion rate on affiliate sales is so low. Like, it feels irresponsible to keep something going that converts so poorly for my affiliates. Which is no one’s fault, my courses just require a lot more warming up for potential customers than a simple link and sales page can provide.
  3. My affiliate program doesn’t line up with how I like to run a business: small and lean, with slow and measured long-term growth.

I’m not saying all affiliate programs are bad or that affiliate marketing doesn’t work—not at all, I think they can be highly useful and valuable. What I’m saying is I didn’t plan and execute my own very well (which is my own fault) and in order to provide the best experience for students and ensure these courses are long-term sustainable, I’ve got to make that change, today.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email me directly.

Paul Jarvis

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