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Take your Mailchimp email marketing to the next level with our Mailchimp-approved services.

Mailchimp email marketing management

Chimp Essentials’ parent company MailNinja are the masters of email marketing. Outsource your email campaigns then go relax, we got this.

Monthly Mailchimp email marketing campaign management service

The Chimp Essentials course

Learn Mailchimp with Chimp Essentials, the most popular Mailchimp training course.

7k+ students worldwide

This is easily the most complete Mailchimp training course out there, with over 7,000 students worldwide.

45+ playalong video lessons

In this online masterclass, Paul Jarvis teaches you how to unlock the key features in Mailchimp.

Slack community

Get free access to our Slack workspace, where you can learn from thousands of other Chimp Essentials students.

Get instant and forever access to all the lessons…

Opt for self-service or a tutor-supported plan, giving you 4 x 30-min support sessions with a dedicated coach.

Unlock the power of Mailchimp, with our training and support packages

If you use Mailchimp, chances are you’ve got stuck at some point or another. That’s why we exist – to help you send awesome email marketing campaigns, set up super-smart automations, and manage your audience, so you can make more money from your email marketing.
1:1 Mailchimp training sessions over Zoom

1:1 Mailchimp training sessions over Zoom

If you are new to Mailchimp, or want to take your email marketing to the next level, our Mailchimp training can help you. We deliver tailored Mailchimp training sessions over Zoom, with trainers on US and UK timezones.
Ongoing support and mentoring programs

Mailchimp team training and support

A done-with-you support plan designed to help you unlock the power of Mailchimp. Your Mailchimp certified coach will work with you to help unlock some of Mailchimp’s advanced features, and transform your email marketing.
Mailchimp automation setup

Mailchimp automation setup

Classic automations and customer journeys are a super powerful tool within Mailchimp, but most people only scratch the surface. We can help you map out triggered automation flows, bespoke to your business needs.
Mailchimp audience and list work

Mailchimp audience and list work

Data can get messy. It can easily get out of control.

If you have a bunch of lists, and no clue how to set up tags, create segments or groups, don’t worry. We can help you figure it all out.

Ongoing support and mentoring programs

Mailchimp audits

You're sending emails but you know they could look and perform better, right? Or, maybe your emails are going right into the darn junk folder... We hear your pain. Our 'chimp audits can scan your account generally, or hone in on a specific area of concern.