Learn Mailchimp with me — Paul Jarvis.

Having Mailchimp as your newsletter software is a smart choice, but that’s just the start. Using Mailchimp effectively is the key to getting better results, and driving more profit.

In this masterclass, I teach you how to unlock the key features in Mailchimp, and show you how I use it myself for Chimp Essentials.

Join 7,000+ students, and get instant and forever access to all of the lessons.

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Chimp Essentials is the most popular + complete Mailchimp training ever!

This is easily the most complete Mailchimp training course out there, with over 7,000 students worldwide. By learning the essentials, you’ll have the knowledge and confidence to be an email marketing master.

You could spend days (or, let’s face it, weeks) trying to figure out the best way to use a newsletter for your online business — or you could learn what you need from Chimp Essentials in just a few hours.

You get instant + lifetime access to 45+ video walk-through lessons

Chimp Essentials is entirely online, and taught through self-paced videos.

There are lessons for the different Mailchimp plans (from Free to Standard, but not Premium which comes with phone support from Mailchimp), so if you ever upgrade or change plans, you’ll be covered.

All lessons also have closed captions and transcriptions available.

Plus, you get free access to our Slack workspace, where you can learn from thousands of other Chimp Essentials students.

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Davida Pitts raised over $38,000 for a crowdfunding campaign
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Jocelyn K. Glei consistently grew her list before her big book launch
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Mike Rohde landed several speaking gigs after redesigning his newsletter
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QuHarrison amassed 4,578 subscribers in 3 months
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This is the best how-to online course I’ve ever taken. Max Daniels
Mailchimp is a good investment. Chimp Essentials is a great investment. RJ Lewis
Like everything else Paul does, this is full of smart and practical tips. Essential for anyone using MailChimp. Cait Flanders
I’ve already seen a 3x in traffic from my emails using a few quick wins from Paul’s masterclass. Sujan Patel
Paul has gotten to a point where he knows all the nuances of Mailchimp (and what it can do for business owners). When I need expert, specific help to make magic happen, he’s who I call on. David Sherry
From best practices in email marketing to the more advanced but necessary Groups and Merge tags, Chimp Essentials has helped me massively to use Mailchimp and email marketing properly. Pascale Recher
I’ve just spent just 60 minutes with Chimp Essentials and already learned so much for my online course Jocelyn Glei
Spending a day of vacation watching Chimp Essentials videos. It's that good and that useful. Sean Blanda
After putting the lessons to use, I made back 4x the money I spent on Chimp Essentials (and I only have 1 digital product). Alison Monday
Chimp Essentials paid for itself a few times over within a week of implementing the lessons. Dustin Lee

I’m Paul Jarvis, Chimp Essentials instructor and Mailchimp Partner

I’ve used Mailchimp to run my online business for years and helped hundreds of clients do the same. This masterclass provides from-the-trenches expertise on how you should be getting the most out of your email marketing and Mailchimp account.

I've been featured in USA Today, WIRED, Fast Company, Vice, and even several times on Mailchimp’s own blog), and I’ve made and helped others make millions with email. This masterclass explains exactly how I’ve done it, and how you can too.

Join 7,000+ students, and get instant and forever access to all of the lessons.

Buy now, $269